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ExactTarget Unveils Features To Manage And Personalize Customer Engagement
Industry News
Tuesday, 12 August 2014 07:48

ExactTarget NEW logoThe Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud announced three new features for its Journey Builder platform: Journey Maps, Journey Triggers and Journey Metrics. The new features are designed to help marketers manage and personalize customer engagement across multiple devices and channels.

Journey Maps uses a drag-and-drop interface is positioned to give marketers easier control over mapping customer journeys via email, social, mobile and online. The interface also measures performance, while providing a holistic view of how customers interact with the brand.

Ifbyphone Adds Keyword Analytics, Marketing Automation Integration
Industry News
Monday, 11 August 2014 08:51

Ifbyphone logoIfbyphone, a voice-based marketing automation platform provider, announced its Summer 2014 Release, which includes technology to analyze keywords in phone conversations and integrations with a number of marketing automation platforms.

The keyword spotting technology is designed to monitor inbound sales and support calls and uses customizable criteria to score each conversation. Keyword spotting can be used to determine, among other things, if a call converted to sale and if the support agent followed approved scripts.

6Sense Unveils Predictive Lead Generation Tool
Industry News
Friday, 08 August 2014 10:01

6Sense logo6Sense, a B2B predictive intelligence engine, announced the launch of ProductSense, a tool designed to enable companies to score a prospective buyer’s intent at the product level.

The new solution seeks to leverage external behavioral data — not found in the user’s CRM system — to find prospects that have the highest potential to convert. The tool can also provide users with further insights into an existing prospect’s buying intent. The data collected can also be leveraged to predict future demand for products, which can aid marketers when forming strategies for particular product lines.

LinkedIn’s Updated Sales Navigator Offers Demand Generation Tools For B2B Marketers
Demand Generation Strategies
Written by Kim Ann Zimmermann, Managing Editor   
Thursday, 07 August 2014 12:34

LinkedInLogoLinkedIn’s new stand-alone version of its Sales Navigator can stream real-time updates on targeted accounts, a feature that could help B2B marketers boost their lead generation capabilities. The offering is designed to push data such as job changes, press announcements, blog posts and status updates relevant to key accounts and prospects.

This announcement follows LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Bizo, with the goal of creating a B2B marketing platform.

LeadMD Announces New Learning Platform
Industry News
Thursday, 07 August 2014 08:26

leadmd-logoLeadMD launched Navigate, an online educational platform designed to boost ROI by providing concise, task-based learning.

The platform will offer various forms of content covering topics such as marketing automation, sales alignment and content optimization. The platform intends to also offer instructional videos covering best practices for implementing and Marketo.

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What Your Advocacy Data Reveals About The Health Of Your Business

By Matt Chittle, Senior VP of Products and Strategy, Amplifinity


Matt Chittle AmplifinityThere are three compelling categories of benefits to an advocacy marketing strategy. The first two are somewhat obvious; the third — not so much. At least not at first. Yet, it’s this third piece that’s so crucial to driving sales success (and profits) in today’s social world.

All advocacy programs ask customers, employees or partners — called obviously enough “advocates” — to take action. And they often do, especially when motivated in some important way. But it’s the tracking and measurement of these actions over time that produces the insight companies can use and act on for long-term, strategic benefits — all of which is uniquely powerful for the following reasons:


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